Global initiative: Don't touch smoke-free Spain

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The proposition of the construction of EuroVegas in Spain has led some Spanish politicians and hospitality and tobacco industry lobbyists to ask for a rollback in the current smoke-free law to add some exceptions for the gaming industry. The current Tobacco Act prohibits smoking in all enclosed public spaces, and after almost two years since its adoption, has widespread respect and support from the Spanish population.

The current Spanish smoke-free model has no exceptions, is defended by public health organizations and the people of Spain, and has triumphed over the old model of the 2005 Act that allowed smoking at the bar owner's discretion and was only supported by the tobacco industry and hospitality lobbyists.

We're asking you to reaffirm the success of the Spanish smoke-free law and support the government's current position of not adding exceptions to the smoke-free law.

Smoke-free Spain