Petition: 10,329 Greek students demand passive smoking be treated as a human rights issue

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10,329 Greek Students Demand Passive Smoking be Treated as a Human Rights

Issue: 6 June 2013

Passive smoking in closed public spaces is a widespread form of violence, oriented mainly against small children and weak population groups, such as those suffering from lung or heart problems.

The problem is particularly acute for pregnant women and employees in those premises, who without defenses are subject to inadvertent smoking and suffer heavy consequences on a personal, family, and societal level.The situation in Greece appears to be out of control, as the laws of our country (Law 3730/08 and 3868/10) are not enforced, and the international agreements (World Health Organization, Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, Article 8, Guidelines on Protection from Exposure to Tobacco Smoke) are violated in order to accommodate specific economic interests.

We, as academic citizens of this country, take a decisive stand and ask from the European Commission and the European Network for Smoking and Tobacco Prevention (ENSP) to act in all directions in order to highlight and to recognize officially that passive smoking is a major international issue, which violates the human rights of health, work and the protection of women and children.

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